Our journey in wines and spirits started over 27 years ago with a very simple premise – Irish consumers want, quality wines and spirits, by the best producers in the world. Its been quite an adventure. Like any adventure there have been a lot of ups and downs….. whoever said its not the destination that counts, but the journey was right.

We have visited producers from every part of the world so we can be sure of that their products meet our exacting standards. We work with only the best producers whom share the same dedication to quality and respect for the traditions of their craft.

We are privileged to serve our customers: from restaurants, hotels, specialist independents and wholesalers, as well as the leading Irish retailers.  By partnering with strong premium international brands we generate profitable sales for our customers. We have Account Managers based in Dublin and throughout the country servicing both the On and Off trade. They are supported by the Customer Service based in Dublin and by our state of art logistics center at Master-link Ballycoolin.

Let us be a part your adventures in wines and spirits, and call us  on 01 4941430

our portfolio

 We have carefully selected a full range of wines from many of the world’s top wine makers. We have worked with most of our wine partners for years and they share our passion for quality. We are constantly changing our range and experimenting with new wine makers, regions and varieties. It is a continuous journey of discovery….

Our range of premium spirits come from small producers, mostly family owned who have been hand crafting their spirits for generations. Our range includes Angostura Bitters and Rums, whiskies from Scotland and Japan, Tequila, Mezcal, Gins and Liqueurs.

In Ireland sparkling means Prosecco! We have an extensive range of Prosecco from Italy’s top producers, which includes a single estate Spumante from the Veneto Region. We have a range of Frizzante to brighten up the week. We have added a Cava from one of best producers in Penedes, as we believe Cava offers excellent value.


Pallini Limoncello

Chateau bechereau

angostura bitters

Pallini Limoncello is a natural liqueur that has been crafted by the Pallini family in Italy since 1875. It is made from prized, Sfusato lemons, exclusive to the Amalfi coast. The handpicked lemons are infused immediately, so their freshness and flavor is delivered in every bottle. Its versatility is almost endless – enjoy it neat, on the rocks, straight from the fridge, or mixed into cocktails and food recipes. For a crisp and authentic taste of Italy…….

GMO Free, Gluten Free, Kosher

The Bordeaux Superieur of the Chateau Béchereau is produced on gravely clay soils. It is a blend of Merlot (0ver 80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon. The careful vilification and the traditional maceration in stainless steel vats produce wines typical of the terroir, and of  elegance.

The Bordeaux Superieur is aged in steel tanks and concrete vats, giving itan elegance and lovely fresh fruits.  Chateau Béchereau is hand made, with a small annual production of approximately 25,000 bottles. It is vegan friendly.

Angostura is the name of the Venezuelan town where the company was founded by Dr Siegert. In 1824, he created a blend of herbs, plants and roots to cure sick and wounded soldiers. Word quickly spread of the healing qualities of these aromatic bitters, and people started adding it to drinks and food.

Before long people were using Angostura® aromatic bitters because of its fine flavour and aroma and it has been used across the world for almost 200 years.

Nobody knows every ingredient in Angostura® aromatic bitters. Only five people know the recipe and as a result are not allowed to be in the same room or travel together. Trinidad and Tobago, home of Angostura®.