Amarula Cream Liqueur Made from Africa

Amarula, the original Marula-based alcoholic drink, was launched as a clear spirit in 1983. In September 1989, Amarula changed to a cream liqueur. Amarula cream is the only cream liqueur with real Marula fruit. This fruit comes from Marula trees, which grow wild on the subequatorial regions of Africa, uncultivated by man. It’s the only area on the entire planet they grow. Just once a year, at the end of summer, they bear the Marula fruit that is used to make Amarula cream. The scent of the Marula fruit attracts the elephants from the surrounds who come to feast on the fruit.


Amarula is the first Marula cream of its kind and no other competitor can claim this. The tree is steeped in African myth and folklore – locals regard the tree as sacred, and believe that the fruit, leaves and bark have medicinal powers for fertility & health. Many tribal councils and marriages are held beneath the canopy of branches and leaves.

Marula fruit are harvested in the wild. After the inner stone and skin are removed, the flesh is fermented and then distilled. It’s essential that the fresh Marula pulp is crushed and distilled as quickly as possible to retain its fresh fruity flavours in the Marula Spirit. During the second distillation the Marula flavours are further concentrated. To enrich and deepen its flavours, the spirit is aged slowly in wood, spending two years in small French oak barrels where wood spice characters of vanilla and toast are naturally imparted. Another important ingredient is the dairy cream. It gives Amarula its rich and velvety smooth consistency.

Amarula Cream Liqueur

Amarula Trust

With less than 400 000 African elephants left and one lost every 15 minutes of every day to ivory poaching, experts indicate that this majestic species will be extinct by 2030!

To protect Africa’s heritage and further entrench their commitment to conservation, Amarula has joined forces with Kenyan-based conservation organisation WildlifeDirect, working closely with their CEO Dr Paula Kahumbu.

The first step on the journey to help save the Africa Elephant is the launch of a global campaign called Name Them, Save Them

The Amarula Trust aims to safeguard the African elephant so that we can keep meeting them under the Marula trees, year after year. Sustainable environmental and educational projects are key to the preservation of our precious heritage. To learn more about the Trust and its most recent work, click on the link for the Amarula Trust Website

Amarula Perfect Serve and Cocktails

Amarula Vodka Espresso

Amarula Spiced Dram

Amarula over Ice


35ml Amarula Cream

70ml Espresso coffee

2 teaspoons Caster sugar (or to taste)

35ml Count Pushkin Vodka



Shake coffee, vodka and sugar together with cubed ice, strain into a glass tumbler, and layer Amarula Cream on top.

Garnish with 3 coffee beans.


35ml Amarula Cream Liqueur

20ml Spiced Infused Whisky (clove, cinnamon, juniper, star anise & cardamom)


Stir ingredients in a glass beaker with ice until chilled.

Fine strain into a chilled champagne glass.


35ml Amarula Cream Liqueur



Add ice to a glass tumbler.

Pour the Amarula over the ice.

Garnish with dark chocolate shaving and mint sprig.