Ca Bolani Aquileia Wines at Their Best

Ca’Bolani is located in Friuli at the heart of the Aquileia DOC appellation. The property includes the Molin di Ponte and Ca’Vescovo estates, whose roots date back to the 16th century. The noble Bolani family originally owned the property. Their most influential family member, Domenico Bolani, was the prosecutor for the Venetian Republic in Friuli. In 1970, the Zonin family acquired Ca’Bolani, bringing it to the forefront of winemaking in the region. With 1,500 acres of vineyards, it is the Zonin family’s largest property and the largest single vineyard in Friuli.

In the area around Aquileia the equilibrium of the microclimate is perfect: the temperate breezes from the nearby Adriatic sea moderate the heat of summer, the warmth of the sunshine allows for excellent ripening of the fruit and the marked lowering of the temperature during the night enhances the grapes’ primary aromas, thus giving the wines an intense personality. It lies in the so-called “Alpha” climate zone, where the thermal summations that occur correspond to those of other famous European wine-growing areas such as Bordeaux.

The personality of the wines of Ca’ Bolani also derives from the medium-textured clayey soil, characterized by draining pebbly strips of land, crossed by crystal clear waters of the spring, which, thanks to the wealth of minerals, make the soil fertile for the entire seasonal cycle.

This type of soil creates attractive mineral notes in the wines, whilst their fragrance and finesse are determined by the considerable differences between day- and night-time temperatures, due to the strong sunlight during the day and the cool sea breezes that blow from the nearby Adriatic Sea in the evening. 

Ca Bolani Prosecco Spumante