Rapitalà is an authentic name, it comes from the Arabic, Rabidh-Allah “river of Allah” for the stream which flows through the vineyards, and testifies that this land has been cultivated since antiquity. Through the centuries generations of farmers have shaped its  current form and the identity of the estate.

The estate “tenuta” spreads over 500 hectares in the area of Camporeale (Palermo) which slopes down towards Alcamo, on gentle hills between 300 and 600 metres high, on ground where clay and sand alternate. It is one of the most ancient estates in Sicily. There are over 180 unique vineyard parcels. Each parcel is managed, harvested and vinified separately, crafting optimal terroir expressions. As a result, Rapitalà has one of the longest harvest seasons, starting in August and ending in November, to ensure that each variety and parcel is picked at the right moment.

In 1968 a Frenchman, Hugues Bernard de la Gatinais, married Gigi Guarrasi, heir to a prominent Palermo family. They engaged in a passionate adventure, the reconstruction of the family cellar earlier destroyed by the Belice valley earthquake. French varietals were planted alongside autochthonous ones and today, their son Laurent continues the work his  parents started with the same care and passion.

Tenuta Rapitalà practice environmentally friendly vineyard management. This includes: using renewable energy sources, creating lakes for water irrigation, reducing water consumption, and farming organically.

The Rapitalà Organic Grillo is a lovely example of the varietal Grillo which is native to Sicily. It is certified organic and has apple and herbaceous notes on the nose, joined by complex floral aromas with a hint of orange blossom

RAPITALÀ Organic Grillo