Santa Julia Organic Wine Range

Wine does not come only from the land, the climate, or the variety. It is the expression of people that intervene in the process of creating it. 

The founding pillars of the Santa Julia Winery are:  make the most natural wines possible, take care of the environment, and grow in harmony with the community.

In 2004,  Santa Julia was the first winery to achieve Organic Certification thereby allowing the production of the most natural wines as possible. 

It was also the first winery in Mendoza, Argentina to receive the certification “Fair for Life”. This recognition allows Santa Julia to commercialize their wines with the seal “Fair for Life”. This certification assures the consumer that the winery follows strict guidelines for quality, that the workers throughout the production line enjoy good and fair working conditions. What’s more, a percentage of what the consumer pays goes back to the workers through a commission that decides the best way to reinvest this money for the same workers.

So, not only does Santa Julia  take care of the land, it also take cares of those who work it, and the community that surrounds it.

The Zuccardi family who own Santa Julia have invested in sustainable farming initiatives such as: 

Social welfare programs.

Energy conservation.

Use of green fertilizers.

Wildlife preservation.

Vineyard irrigation from pure mountain water.

Water recycling programs.

30% lighter bottle.

The Santa Julia organic range includes a Chardonnay and an award wining Malbec. Try it. Taste the difference.

Santa Julia Organic Malbec

Santa Julia Organic Chardonnay