Zonin Prosecco The Essence of Italian Lifestyle

When it comes to sparkling wine, Italy has perfected the craft and for nearly 200 years, ZONIN1821 has established itself as one of the most important wine producers in the world. Operating under the simple philosophy that, “each region has its own traditions, each region has its own wines,” ZONIN1821’s vineyards encompass nearly 5,000 acres throughout Italy’s finest wine regions and produces wines that exhibit each unique quality specific to where each bottle is made.

Zonin Prosecco is made to celebrate life’s wonderful moments, no matter how big or small they are. It is perfectly crafted and inspired by centuries of tradition

Zonin Prosecco is made from the Glera grape, which is native to the Veneto region. There, the Zonin family owns the largest Glera vineyards in Italy. It is from these vineyards that the fruit for Prosecco is sourced. This control over all aspects of the production, from vineyard to glass, allows Zonin to produce the freshest Prosecco on the market.

Prosecco is a lively, sparkling wine that is essential to having fun Italian-style. It is dry, food-friendly, and adds an element of festivity to any gathering or meal. Prosecco’s fresh and fruity flavor profile makes it easy to pair with any kind of food and also makes it a delightful aperitif. Its stylish yet classic packaging is eye catching and makes it the centerpiece of any table or discussion.

A glass of Prosecco with friends is the perfect way to enjoy the simple moments of life.

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